Internships offer invaluable real-world experience to students/teachers and aspiring professionals. These opportunities bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application, allowing individuals to gain hands-on skills, expand their networks, and explore potential career paths. They provide a crucial stepping stone toward professional growth and success.

Internships Programs

At Carlos V students can gain short-term work experience by  participating in our program of temporary, supervised work in a particular field in order to gain practical experience. Our  programs incorporate education and professional development and are designed to guide the intern toward a professional career in a particular organization, field, or sector. In our internships the student will  become part of the organization which will provide students valuable experience in the working world. 

Students will also become more culturally aware as they immerse themselves in the everyday life of Spain. They will participate in cultural programs and workshops throughout their stay.

They will also have the opportunity to participate in Spanish classes certified by the Cervantes Institute and return home with work experience, increased cultural awareness, and a stronger command of the Spanish language.

Students will have many housing options including homestays, student housing, and apartments with possibilities of full board included.

Summer Program

to teach
English in Spain

Seville   |   Malaga


Our internships offer students with an interest in teaching the opportunity to work with high school aged students who are learning English.

Our programs are from two to six weeks from June through August and give the student teacher the opportunity to gain valuable classroom experience as well as the opportunity to improve their Spanish as they immerse themselves in the Spanish culture.

Classes meet for three hours each day and there are also opportunities to join their students on cultural visits, workshops and excursions.

Student teachers will work hand in hand with our staff and have full access and training on all materials, audiovisual equipment, and carefully designed lesson plans as well as being encouraged to bring their own unique talents and ideas to the classroom.

The ideal candidate has an interest in both exposing themselves to new cultures as well as a practical interest in language acquisition.


  • 15 hours of English Teaching Practice per week
  • Full Room and Board
  • Cultural and Leisure Activities
  • Excursions
  • Transfers


  • June, July and August


  • Madrid, Malaga and Seville

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