The adventure of learning Spanish

School Trips

These immersion programs take place year round and students are generally accompanied by chaperones from their home school as well as the staff of Carlos V.


Tailor-Made School Trips

Carlos V understands that every school’s needs are individual and distinct. We will shape and structure the itinerary to the interest and schedule of each school.  On our school trips we will always put the emphasis on unforgettable educational and cultural experiences.

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Massachusetts, USA

«I really loved Sevilla and its architecture and culture, plenty of History. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but we had a very warm welcome from the teachers of Carlos V»


Massachusetts, USA

«It was a great experience for me because I got to combine what I love about Spanish and the form of class, which is awesome»


Massachusetts, USA

«I had a lot of fun and the teachers know a lot about Sevilla, so it was really great»

Destino: España

Spain is known all around the world for flamenco, sunshine and tapas, but it is much more than that. Located at the South of Europe and with a population of around 47 million people, Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Come to Spain and discover the beauty, landmarks and culture of some of our favourite Spanish cities. Spain is very well connected, making it very easy to travel from one place to the next. Our schools are located in Madrid, Seville and Malaga, and they will serve as starting point to your adventure.

Visit Spain and immense yourself in the Spanish way of life.

Housing & Accommodations

Carlos V has a wide range of accommodations for you during your stay in Spain. We offer several housing options to our students. The accommodations we provide have been reviewed by our team of professionals to ensure that our students will be in a safe, comfortable environment with first rate facilities and amenities. Depending where you are you may choose from our brand new student residences, hotels or homestays with full board included.

Moreover, we  have made very close ties with our places of residence to ensure the utmost confidence, professionalism and trust. We believe these are the most suitable housing options for our students in our effort to make them feel at home.

Activities & Workshops

Any country is much more than just its most emblematic buildings, landmarks, and monuments, however impressive they may be. Participating in activities that make up the culture of a place is essential to the student experience. At Carlos V we include these opportunities in our programs.

Sports? Soccer is king here so you might want to take in a local game during your stay, or perhaps take part in a match with Spanish students. And they would be more than happy to learn about your favorite sports and take a few pointers.

How about learning some Flamenco dance steps, and the even more local “Sevillanas” with a native instructor, followed by an authentic show in an intimate local neighborhood theater.

There is nothing quite like seeing all the ingredients that go into a dish you are going to enjoy, and help prepare it yourself, which is exactly what you will do as you cook up a “paella” with a local chef.

And speaking of food, a trip to Spain is never complete without a “tapas night” as you will go bar to bar tasting some of the best food the country has to offer.

What about visiting an ancient castle, and actively participating in the life within it as you take part in a recreation with your expert local knight and his personal steward?

These are just some of the activities that can enhance your trip even more.

The adventure of learning Spanish

Cultural Visits

Depending on where you want to visit Carlos V has your monuments covered. If you are in Sevilla you will not miss its great Cathedral and Alcazar and visits to the city’s other top attractions. In Malaga you can rest assured you will head to the ancient Alcazaba and Roman Theater as well as become an expert on Picasso after the Picasso Tour, among many other sites.

When you are in the capital you will certainly see the world famous Prado Museum and the Royal Palace as you wind through its streets. And the San Miguel Market is a must stop on any stroll through the city center.

Wherever you are, tickets to all monuments and guided visits on your school trip will be included.

Day Trips & Excursions

Whether you choose Seville, Malaga, or Madrid as your base for your stay we will always offer to include nearby cities and towns that certainly deserve a visit.

From Seville we can easily reach the historic, picturesque town of Cordoba, with its Mosque/Cathedral at the center of its flower-filled streets, and the nearby castle on a hill, the Castillo de Almodóvar. We can also set off for the fishermen towns of Cadiz and Huelva, visiting both the historic centers and the local beach.

From Malaga we can easily access the great “Alhambra” in Granada. Setting out from Madrid the historic medieval towns of Toledo and Segovia are well within easy reach.

And even if you decide to not take immersion classes, all , some or even more of these cities can be included in your tailor made tour. We will personally work with your school to deliver the perfect experience for your students.

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