"When you learn a new language, you gain another soul"
Juan Ramón Jiménez | Spanish Writer, 1954 Literature Nobel Prize

The Best Summer Immersion Program

Our summer camp takes place in July and August, in Seville, Madrid and Malaga. We offer up to 20 hours of Spanish language instruction per week which can take place at our school facilities or on site during cultural visits and activities.

Summer Immersion Program

Students can participate in the programs from one to six weeks. They can choose to stay in one city or combine locations during their stay. The vocabulary learned will be practical and will help you navigate your way in Spain throughout this unforgettable adventure. The aim is to foster a stimulating learning experience that will go hand and hand with your field trips and daily activities making for a well balanced mix of immersion and fun.

Students will return home not only with a much greater fluency in Spanish, but also with a whole new perspective on life in Spain that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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«I’ve had an absolutely wonderful experience here. I’ve met people and made friends from all over the world»



«I am really enjoying it here. I am meeting friends from everywhere and its so fun…»


South Carolina, USA

«My teacher makes it fun, easy to learn and I feel like I know a lot more«


New York, USA

«I’ve learned things that it would have taken me many multiple months at school to get through because it’s only one class a day but here is every day»


Naples, Italy

«These 14 days in Sevilla have been full of activities. For me it has been an amazing experience in the company of such nice people»


Naples, Italy

«My teacher makes it fun, easy to learn and I feel like I know a lot more»«I have really learned to speak in a foreign language. With this course I can communicate with people from all over the world»

Save The Date!

Summer Immersion groups who are enjoying on July the Spanish experience in Sevilla and Malaga have confirmed their dates.
Madrid is coming soon, are you waiting for it? Don’t miss the chance!

From the 2nd to the 16th of July

From the 16th to the 30th of July


School Groups or Individual Students

Summer Immersion Program

Our summer programs cater to school groups as well as individual students looking for a summer adventure along with a one of a kind learning experience.

Students from all over Europe will also be participating, allowing students from North America the opportunity to make new life long friends and connections from abroad.

School groups can have their own personalized itinerary but we will always give them the chance to integrate with other students and schools throughout their stay. Individual students will be integrated into the most age and language level appropriate group.

Whether students come in a group or individually at all times they will be in the hands of our warm teachers, tour guides and management staffUpon completion, all students will receive an official certificate from Carlos V Education which will look great on any college resume.

The adventure of learning Spanish

The Most Complete and Fun Program

Carlos V offers you a complete program to spend your summer vacation: Spanish classes combined with workshops, activities and excursions. 

Language Classes + Certification of Spanish Level (optional)

Native Teachers and Authentic Materials

Tailor-Made Trips

Student Residence or Host Family

All Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners

Field Trips

Students are always accompanied


Spanish Workshops (Flamenco, Paella Ceramic)

24/7 Telephone Assistance

Daily Activities and Visits

Travel insurance

School Trips
Soccer School
Professional Development
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