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Santander, living next to the Sea

Santander, living next to the Sea

A city that seems straight out of a storybook and whose life revolves around the bay, recognised as one of the prettiest in the world.

Santander (Cantabria), in the north of Spain, is a combination of green mountain landscapes with white sand beaches, elegant mansions and palatial architecture with avant-garde buildings and the unmistakeable echo of its seafaring past. Many cities within a city, perfect for discovering.

How about in the historic cobbled streets of Caceres or the emblematic square of Trujillo? We will take your group into the heart of Spain where along with their studies will experience an unforgettable linguistic and cultural immersion.

Our teachers will accompany to the students on this experience and of course visits and excursions to nearby capitals will be offered in this very unique program abroad.

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