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Deep Immersion in Spain

Do you want a deep immersion in Spain? A nice stay in a Spanish small city to really improve your language level and show your skills. Your students can take their courses in a quaint Spanish town or a medieval village. If your University or College sends a group to us we can impart their college credit course in another city.
How about in the historic cobbled streets of Caceres or the emblematic square of Trujillo? We will take your group into the heart of Spain where along with their studies will experience an unforgettable linguistic and cultural immersion.
This type of experience will take your students away from the flongs of tourists and English speakers and give them the most authentic feel of what Spain must have been like centuries ago, and immerse them into a place where time seems to go slower and life is certainly experienced in a more relaxed way.
Our teachers will accompany them on this experience and of course visits and excursions to nearby capitals will be offered in this very unique program abroad.
Customized Program for Groups in a village

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