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Carlos V is the perfect partner for your Faculty-Led program. Experts in tailor made programs, we offer logistical support and services to the destination of your choice in Spain. We create unique programs that will be of great interest and value to you, your college or university and your students while also fulfilling the students major or minor requirements.

Make your own Faculty-Led program

Carlos V provides a selection of university courses accredited by esteemed institutions such as the European University of the Atlantic, The University of Seville, or the Catholic University of Murcia, among others. 

We specialize in tailoring custom Faculty-Led study abroad programs catering to educational groups across diverse fields. Our expertise has contributed to meticulously planning, supporting, and executing numerous group programs, fostering an enriching learning environment within a condensed time frame.

College faculty members value our meticulous planning, logistical support, and extensive array of options to fulfill their educational goals. We stand by the motto «Anything is possible» because you have the flexibility to choose your preferred dates, duration of study, academic components, excursions, service-learning opportunities, and housing preferences. Moreover, our offerings extend to intensive travel programs encompassing multiple cities.

Transportation to and from the airport
Guidance and support
Official university credits
English-speaking advisor on site
Didactic materials
Cultural programs and guided tours

Benefits of Faculty-Led

Program content tailored entirely to meet your students' exact requirements.

Select from Spain's vibrant and exceptional cities like Málaga, Madrid, and Seville for the ideal study destination for your students.

Design an extracurricular activity program enabling students to maximize every moment of their Spain experience.

Students can immerse fully in culture and language, maximizing their productivity during their stay with us.

Stay with a local Spanish family for accommodation and full-board, a distinctive chance to immerse in contemporary Spanish life.

Continuous 24/7 support provided to ensure the well-being of your students during the entire program.

Our Programs

Seta Sevilla

Tailor-Made Experience

Seville/ Malaga / Madrid / Santander / Murcia
/  Other spanish destinations

Tailor-Made Experience

Are you seeking a tailored study abroad experience for your college or university students? Whether it’s to learn Spanish, enhance professional skills, advance academic careers, or immerse in Spain’s rich history and culture, finding the right program can be challenging. Many options lack the customization necessary to fully meet students’ specific needs.

Look no further than Carlos V, a distinguished private language school in Spain. Since 2014, we’ve specialized in providing top-notch study trips tailored for college and university students. Our programs are adaptable to match your precise criteria while granting students a unique chance to delve into Spanish life and culture within a secure environment. We carry out this program in Seville, Malaga and Madrid, but we also adapt to the interests of the group and design educational programs anywhere in Spain, since we have agreements with different Spanish universities.

Regardless of the time of year, academic level, subject, or intensity of study desired, we excel in crafting programs specifically for your college group. With an extensive range of optional add-ons, from extracurricular activities to homestay accommodations, you have the flexibility to design a program that fosters both academic growth and personal development for your students.


These are the most common themes of our personalized programs:

  • Spanish Gastronomy
  • Health Sciences
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Environmentalism
  • Architecture
  • Local history and culture
  • Journalism
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Sports and physical education
  • Applied languages

Sample Programs

We provide fully equipped classroom space with the latest technology and wi-fi. Our commitment is to always provide an environment conducive to learning. Classes can be led at our Carlos V schools in Seville, Malaga or Madrid or organized at separate facilities throughout Spain

Spanish Gastronomy

The goal of the Spanish Gastronomy Program is to immerse students in Spain’s prominent culinary sector, which holds significant relevance nationwide. Spain’s global standing in gastronomy serves as the backdrop for students to explore and delve into Spanish culinary traditions, avant-garde techniques, and the application of the Spanish language in the gastronomic realm.

Being able to learn about Spanish gastronomy within the country itself amplifies the motivation and eagerness to uncover the origins of this rich culinary heritage.

Health Sciences

The objective of the Health Sciences Program is to acquaint students with Spain’s healthcare system and its functioning. 

With an extensive array of courses, our program accommodates the needs of medical students, providing them with opportunities to discover their niche. They will gain direct insight into the practice of medicine in Spain while immersing themselves in the country’s culture and language..


This program goes beyond traditional tourism education, providing a comprehensive understanding of historical and cultural significance. Through immersive experiences, students will not only witness the grandeur of iconic landmarks but also grasp the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism. Students will delve into the exploration of historical monuments, engage in expertly guided tours of iconic sites, and acquire in-depth knowledge about sustainable tourism management.

Join us in fostering a new generation of tourism professionals equipped with the skills to appreciate, preserve, and manage cultural heritage responsibly.

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