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Housing and Accomodation

Accomodations with Carlos V

We offer several accomodation options to our students. The housing we provide have been reviewed by our team of professionals to ensure that our students will be in a comfortable environment and in first-rate conditions.

Moreover, we have been working with many of our accomodation for many years, and consequently, have made very close ties to ensure confidence and trust as well as professionalism. We believe that they are the most suitable places to stay for our students and will make you feel at home.

Student Accomodation: Residence

The benefits of living in Student Dorms include:

More Social Life: Staying in a student residence enables you to enjoy campus life and student activities better. Additionally, dorms often have planned student events and activities that can help you make friends more easily. Interacting with other students will make it easier to find out about and participate in local activities and events.

Extra Amenities: Student dorms often have extra amenities like recreational centers, gyms, game rooms, and TV rooms. These amenities may be entirely free or available to residents at a small charge.

More Privacy and Independence: staying in a student dorm allows you more privacy and flexibility to come and go as you please. There is no need to dvise anyone that you won’t be home for a meal, will be traveling, or will be arriving particularly late.

More exposure to Peers: In a dorm you will come across University students from other parts of Spain offering you the opportunity to make friends and practice the language with your peers. You will also interact with students from other countries who share the same goal of improving their Spanish.

Trip To Spain - Housing accomodation - Student Residence
Trip To Spain - Study Abroad - Residence

Homestays with a Spanish Host Family

The student will have a unique experience because you will be immersed in Spanish culture. This option is a great way to practice language in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Our professional team chooses and checks the household conditions, and makes sure the families are ideal for our students. The houses are checked on the spot and bedrooms, bathrooms and other parts of the house must meet the required and highest standards.

Our families have been hosting our students for some time and we have created bonds of friendship which assures us that the student will feel secure in an environment full of trust, safety and warmth.

Families hosting students are also carefully vetted to ensure that the student will be in good hands during their stay. 

Our students can opt for a double or single room. Likewise, half board or full board can also be chosen. Host family accomodation includes cleaning and laundry.

Trip To Spain - Housing accomodation - Host Family

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