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Activities, and Workshops

Any country is much more than just its most emblematic buildings, landmarks, and monuments, however impressive they may be. Participating in activities that make up the culture of a place is essential to the student experience, and we include these opportunities in our programs.

How about learning some Flamenco dance steps, and the even more local «Sevillanos» with a native instructor, followed by an authentic show in an intimate local neighborhood theater?


There is nothing quite like seeing all the ingredients that go into a dish you are going to enjoy, and help prepare it yourself, which is exactly what you will do as you cook up a «paella» or «tortilla» with a local chef.

And speaking of food, a trip to Spain is never complete without a «tapas night» as you will go bar to bar tasting some of the best food the country has to offer.

What about visiting an ancient castle, and actively participating in the life within it as you take part in a recreation with your expert local knight and his personal steward?
And why not visit an olive farm where you can help plant local produce with the farmers.

These are just some of the activities that can enhance your trip even more.

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